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Product Review Guidelines:

* To be able to do a proper review, I will need a sample product. I will not be responsible for any shipping costs.
* The sample product will not be shipped back. I will use the sample product to be able to provide an honest and accurate review.
* If I believe your product is not the quality my readers are looking for, I will contact you. A negative review will not be published without consent.
* You will be notified when I have received the sample product. Once your review has been posted to the site, you will receive email notification.

Giveaway Guidelines:

* We will be happy to offer readers an opportunity to win your products.
* Please do not ship the products to us. We will provide you with the winners information and ask that you ship the product within 2 weeks.
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Once a review and/or giveaway has been completed, a  individualized button similar to the one below will be sent to you for your use as you see needed.


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    Have a great day,


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