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10 Best DreamWorks Movies

Disney is well-known for being the giant of animation games that focuses on the Steve Jobs-founded studio, which would be a disservice to DreamWorks.

DreamWorks Animation formed DreamWorks Pictures in 1994. It has more prominent names and voices for its characters, finally making the company successful and competing with other animation studios. The most memorable

DreamWorks movies are Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, The Prince of Egypt, Puss in Botts: The Last Wish, etc. There are many more, but we are compiling a list of the 10 best DreamWorks movies.

10 Best DreamWorks Movies

10 Best DreamWorks Movies

1. Shrek

Shrek is an animated comedy movie based on the children’s picture book released in 2001. It is the first installment in the Shrek film series. The major stars are Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, and Mike Myers, who is a significant character as Myers.

He finds his home in the swamp overrun by fairytale creatures. Shrek makes a couple with Prince Fiona in exchange for regaining control of his swamp.

2. Kung Fu Panda

Mark Osborne and John Stevenson produced a fantastic action adventure animation film released in 2008. It is an ancient China populated by anthropometric animal movies, and the center of attention is a bumbling panda named Po Black, a Kung Fu enthusiast.

The Dragon Warrior name is given to this Po when a snow leopard is foretold to escape at Chorh-Gom Prison.

3. How To Train Your Dragon

The third most amazing DreamWorks animated film is How to Train Your Dragon, created by Chris Sanders and  Dean DeBioss. Jay Baruchel is the central character of Hiccup, while Gerard is his father. The story is a downright relatable relationship between an animal pet and a human, making it one of the best movies.

4. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

One of the most recent DreamWorks movies is Puss in the Boots: The Last Wish, released in 2022. That is the more realistic story with struggling characters and helps the audiences connect with the beloved Puss of Shrek fame. He gets back his nine lives with the help of the Last Wishing Star.

5. Madagascar

Everyone is aware of the movie Madagascar and its stars like  Ben Stiller,  David Schwimmer, and  Chris Rock.

They gave the iconic performance as zoo animals from New York to get shipped to the island of Madagascar. The movie pokes some lifestyle differences between sheltered people and those who have seen a thing or two.

6. The Bad Guys

The popular romantic and family-animated drama The Bad Guys creates a unique place among DreamWorks films. It was released in 2005, and the most popular movies are Sam Rockwell, Awkwafina, and Marc Maron, who performed in the thematic elements like redemption and morality.

7. The Prince of Egypt 1998

Another incredible DreamWorks movie is The Prince of Egypt Rule, used in 1998. The movie tells the story of the book of Exodus with kid-friendly musical scores and voice work from characters Val Kilmer, Steve Martin, and Jeff Goldblum.

8. The Captain Underprints:  The First Epic Movie

Among the top 10 most popular DreamWorks movies, this one also became the best-selling children’s novel. It is the story of the White briefed hero who is hypnotized and turns into the best version of himself. It is one of the best examples of a well-executed novel to animated film adaptation.

9. Megamind

Megamind is another significant achievement in the DreamWorks movies list that came in 2010 and was directed by Tom McGrath. The main character is Will Ferrell, who helps the fans to see the world from a supervillain’s perspective.

10. Shrek 2

Among the Shrek series, the second installment came in 2004. It starts from where Shrek and his wife returned from their honeymoon.

Fiona and he travel far away, where he meets his in-laws. Shrek tries to make a new family, and the King is faced with an angry Prince Charming, who had already been promised the throne.

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