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Taylor Swift Heardle: A New Game in Town

Calling all Swifties! There’s a new game in town that’s putting your Taylor Swift knowledge to the test – “Swiftle Heardle,” also known as “Taylor Swift Heardle.”

Inspired by the popular musical guessing game “Heardle,” Swiftle Heardle challenges you to identify a Taylor Swift song based on a series of short audio clips.

Taylor Swift Heardle

The Gameplay

The game is straightforward and similar to its inspiration. You’ll start with a very short snippet of a Taylor Swift song, typically a few seconds long. Based on that snippet, you’ll have to guess the song title.

If your guess is incorrect, you’ll get to hear a slightly longer clip (around 6 seconds) in the next round. This process continues for a total of six tries, with each successive clip revealing more of the song.

More than just a Game


While the core gameplay revolves around guessing the song, Swiftle Heardle goes beyond just being a simple game. It’s a fun way for Swifties to:

  • Test their knowledge: From casual listeners to die-hard fans, the game caters to all levels of Taylor Swift expertise. The increasing length of the clips helps ensure accessibility, allowing even those less familiar with her entire discography to participate.
  • Deepen their appreciation: As you play, you might encounter songs you haven’t heard in a while or rediscover hidden gems. This can spark a renewed appreciation for Taylor Swift’s music and her artistic journey.
  • Connect with other fans: Swiftle Heardle can be a great conversation starter among friends and fellow Swifties. Sharing your daily results and discussing your guesses can foster a sense of community and shared love for Taylor Swift’s music.

Where to Play:

Swiftle Heardle is not an official game from Taylor Swift herself, but it’s a fan-created project available on various websites. A quick search for “Swiftle Heardle” or “Taylor Swift Heardle” will lead you to several options, some offering unlimited play and others resetting daily.

So, are you ready to test your Swiftie skills? Grab your headphones, head over to Swiftle Heardle, and see if you can guess the song in six tries or less!

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