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Top 10 Stream East Alternatives & Competitors

As the craze of live sports streaming is increasing, the streams platforms are also increasing in digital sphere to cater the requirements. Stream East is one of the platform offering live sport streaming.

If you are looking for best platform to watch sports live such as soccer, NFL, MMA, NBA, UFC, MLB, Boxing and formula 1, then Stream East is a perfect choice for you to watch sports live.

In this article, we will discuss what is StreamEast and what are top alternatives and competitors available online. So, let’s explore!

What is Stream East?

Stream East is one of the top platforms dedicated to delivering live sports streaming events. From regular sports events like basketball, football and boxing, they are also offering live contents such as table tennis, esports, NBA, NFL, MLB, Soccer, UFC and many more.

They’ve employed a latest technology that powers the live streaming on the platform. Further, they also ensure high quality broadcasts, seamless transmission and also boost immersive viewing experience. Furthermore, they have also StreamEast Android App available on Google Play.

It is worth mentioning that it is covering wide range of sports events. However, it is not available in all countries in the world. For instance, Stream East is widely available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom etc. So, they’ve some geographical restrictions. Similarly, if your internet connection is slow, you may face low quality streaming issues.

Is Stream East Safe & Legit?

It is difficult to answer the legitimacy of streameast. However, it has been reported that StreamEast often streams contents without copyright permissions so it makes illegal in most jurisdictions. Similarly, they also lacks proper licensing agreements with content creators.

Users are advised to use reliability and authentic ways to stream contents. They should aware of potential threats of malware and phishing attacks.

Top Alternatives of Stream East

Stream East Alternatives
Image Credit: StreamEast

There are dozens of StreamEast alternatives and competitors operating online. Some are legal while some have copyright issues. Here is the complete list of alternatives:

1. ESPN+


3. FuboTV








11. Crackstreams

12. Methstreams

Please note that due to copyright issues, some of the above mentioned platforms are illegal to use in some geographical jurisdictions. So, it is highly recommended to stream contents on official platforms.

Stream East FAQs

1. Is Stream East Free To Use?

Yes, it is 100% free to use. However, you can also opt paid subscription to watch premium contents.

2. Can I watch StreamEast on Mobile Phones?

Yes, you can watch on various devices. They have apps where you can stream contents on your mobile phones.

3. Are live streams available in HD?

Yes, they often stream contents in high definitions. However, video quality may affect depending upon internet connectivity etc.

4. Is it safe & legal to watch sports on Stream East?

The legality of sports streaming vary from country to country. It is advised to you that you should check your local laws. Similarly, you are also advised to avoid malware and phishing attacks while consuming free contents on the websites. In this way, you can safely watch sports on

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