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Is Bounty Hunter D Real?

A bounty hunter is also known as an agent of bail enforcement. He / she is someone who catches a criminal or a person who has skipped bail.

Who is Bounty Hunter D?

Deemar Hooks, more commonly known as Bounty Hunter D is a famous YouTuber with almost 3.9 million followers. He is a bounty hunter who catches people red handed who cheat on their partners.

He does his work with the help of his family and friends and not only catches cheaters but also catches repo vehicles and puts boots on vehicles.

Is Bounty Hunter D Real or Fake?

The Bounty Hunters on youtube, including Bounty Hunter D, offers good entertainment on YouTube. The entertainment comes when the viewers know that the videos are real and not fake.

The question that arises is the credibility of Deemar Hooks. There has always been a question if a certain YouTuber is fake or real. The questions and concerns raised as soon as Patty Mayo was publically proven fake and not legit.

Deemar Hooks has uploaded a video in which he shows his Certifications to show how real and legit he is. However, it is still not enough to mark someone real or fake.

There are some points that make us believe that he is legit.

Firstly, many other bounty hunters on YouTube post like every day, which is almost impossible if you are real. However, Bounty Hunter D posts off and on. He doesn’t post everyday. This makes a lot of sense.

Because if a Deemar Hooks is real, he is definitely not going to have adventures to show each day. And if someone uploads a video daily, they might not be the legit ones.

Secondly, there is another point that makes us believe Bounty Hunter D is real. He uploads some videos that do not show much fighting or entertainment.

It means he does not fabricate things to make them look cool. However, this can definitely decrease views on his channel.

Some main indicators

There are few more indicators that prove him real.

There are many videos of Bounty Hunter D in which actual law enforcement forces get involved. The agencies show their names and their patrol cars, which indicates something real.

Because you cannot have legitimate law enforcement forces agreed to be a part of YouTube skit.

Is Bounty Hunter D legit?

Most of the points we discussed earlier make us believe in the truthfulness and reality of Deemar. Additionally, no one has been able to prove him fake.

The evidence and his way of working gives a considerable proof that he is legitimate and real. However, addition of some fake dialogues, and scenes in his video is still possible.

We cannot call someone 100% real because there is always a chance of fabrication and addition by the editor. But these things do not make him fake.

We tried to explain to you why Bounty Hunter D might not be fake. Kindly tell us about your views on Deemar Hooks, his skills and his YouTube video in the comment box below. Do you think he is real?

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