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Where Does Pedro Pascal Live?

Pedro Pascal is a 48 years old famous Chilean-American actor who got famous after his mind blowing performances in various seasons and movies especially the “The Mandalorian” and “Narcos”.

Pedro has not proven himself in the showbiz industry but also worked hard and made a fortune in real estate industry as well. Due to his interest in real estate and luxury houses and mansions, the fans of Pedro Pascal are highly curious about his residency and often look for where does Pedro Pascal live and how it looks.

Well, you do not need to worry any more. In this article, we are doing to let you know where does Pedro Pascal lives, how his house looks alike and also share his lifestyle.

Where Does Pedro Pascal Lives?

Where Does Pedro Pascal Live

There are lots of fans posting queries on Reddit and other social media platforms and randomly gossiping about Pedro Pascal residence and curious to know does he lives.

Some questions, is he still lives in New York? While some said, they’ve often seen them in Las Angeles as he owns his house in Las Angeles.

Well, there is a conflicting information available about where does he currently lives.

We go through some sources state he lives in Los Angeles. While, as mentioned earlier, some are confident that he didn’t left New York City since 1993.

Last year an article was published on Homes and Gardens in which they mentioned that there are chances that he may be living in Los Angeles because he has been seen in various event in Los Angeles.

However, if we look at Pedro Pascal’s Wikipedia page and you will see the page is still stating that he is living in NYC since 1933.

Further, various people have reported that the has been spotted in New York on multiple occasions.

Final Words

As of now, it is unclear where he lives. It might be possible that he may have residence in both cities.

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