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10 Best Found Footage Horror Movies

The found footage style is a distinctive filmmaking technique associated with horror movies. These are the most terrifying titles for horror lovers. This cinematic technique presents the story through the lens of someone’s recording found by the audience.

Documentaries go wrong in capturing walking down the hallway at night; therefore, horror movie footage transports the audience into a reality similar to theirs.

If you want to know about the 10 best-found footage horror movies, then you are at the right place; we made a list of it.

10 Best Found Footage Horror Movies

1. REC 2007

REC 2007 Horror Movies

REC is an actual zombie movie that explores in every conceivable way. It was released in 2007 and focused on a new team and investigating a zombie-infested apartment building. This found footage of horror movies is executed and held in high regard among the annals of horror cinema.

2. Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo Horror Movies

Lake Mungo is a mockumentary style horror movie written and directed by Joel Anderson. It is one of the most blood curdling movie that ever produced without featuring a single jump scare and loud horror musical sting.

3. Creep

Creep Movie

Creep follows a videographer named Aaron, who travels to a remote cabin to meet his client, Josef. Aaron helped him with a video diary for his unborn son, who is suffering from a brain tumor. Over time, he notices Josef’s deranged behavior, and then he admits to raping his wide as Aaron learns he is not safe in his presence.

4. Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch Project Best Found Horror Movies

The Blair Witch Project is the real story of three students who hike into the Black Hills in Burkittsville to make a documentary on a local myth about Blair Witches. They encounter a terrifying supernatural presence, although it’s never physically seen on screen.

5. Dream Stream

Dream stream Best Found Horror Movies

Dreamstream follows a YouTuber, Shawn Ruddy who goes incredibly wrong that results in Shawn becoming disgraced in the YouTube community. He decided to  spend the night alone in a haunted house  where he face sheer danger.

6. Host

Host Horror Movie

Another best found footage horror movie is Host that focuses on a séance helf over Zoom and supposed to be harmless fun between friends.

Host works because of its intense realism and shot entirely on the video chatting app that blends the realistically creepy aspects of digital life.

7. V/H/S

V H S Horror Movie

The first installment of V/H/S, created by Brad Miska, focuses on a gang offered a fat paycheck if they break into a house to steal a single VHS tape. The principal cast of the show is Mike P. Nelson. Natasha Kermani, David Bruckner and Scott Derrickson.

8. The Borderlands

The Borderlands Movie

The borderlands horror movie is also known as Final Prayer. It revolves around the strange phenomena in a rural English church. There is a team who investigate a potential modern miracle and discovers some dark secrets. This one has amazing ending an fans will really enjoy it.

9. The Taking of  Deborah Logan

The Taking of  Deborah Logan Movie

Among so many famous movies by director Adam Robitel, Deboarh Loga is one of my favorite films. A woman is battling with Alzheimer’s disease, and they discover something more sister this way.

10. Noroi: The Curse

Noroi The Curse Movie

Noroi is a story of a missing paranormal journalist and the chilling mystery of a demonic entity. This is an incomplete documentary by an independent journalist specializing in the is too disturbing for public view but a good one if you want to watch a horror movie.

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