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Is A And D Ointment Good For Tattoos?

A tattoo is basically a wound. It is as necessary to take care of your tattoo as it is to take care of your wound. Or else it may deteriorate and cause you itching, dryness or even infections.

The major reason for after care is to avoid you from infection, fading away of tattoo ink and to protect your healing tattoo from ultraviolet rays.

Keeping the tattoo dry and clean and using ointments can be useful for your tattoos.

A and D Ointments

Is A And D Ointment Good For Tattoos

Protective ointments with A and D vitamins soothes your skin and avoids itching. It also protects the skin from germs and harmful fluids.

These ointments can be used in case of radiation burns, itchy or rough scaly skin, diaper rashes and especially after having tattoos.

Is A And D Ointment Good For Tattoos?

There are a wide range of ointments that one can use to heal one’s tattoos. In this case, the vitamin A and D ointments are highly recommended. They are beneficial as an after care for tattoos. These ointments have the potential to both heal and protect the tattoos.

This ointment helps in restoring the ink of the tattoo and thus preventing the ink from fading away. It also keeps your skin from getting dry. Therefore, it also acts as a moisturiser.

There is no doubt that A and D ointments are good for tattoos. Still, they must be used as prescribed by the tattoo artists.

These A and D vitamins are good for tattoos. However, they must not be overused. It means, using it for more than 2 and 3 days can be harmful.

Pros and Cons

This product can be useful or not for you, depending upon your tattoos and skin. Some of the advantages that you may experience using A and D ointment are:

  • Cost-effective : You may not find it very expensive. It is because of the composition of A and D ointment. The ingredients that compose this ointment are cheap and simple.
  • Recovery time: Vitamin A and D ointment is good for tattoos because it reduces the recovery time.
  • Protection: A and D ointment provide protection from all kinds of germs including bacteria.
  • Lacks dyes: The A and D ointment lack any synthetic dye because they can be harmful for your healing skin.

However, as any other ointment, there are some points you must consider before opting for A and D ointments for your healing tattoos:

  • Over Usage: The prolonged use of these ointments can be harmful and can cause the clogging of pores.
  • Allergic Reactions: It may cause allergic reactions in some people if used unsupervised. It is because of the presence of Lanolin and beeswax.

You may come across both satisfied and dissatisfied customers of this ointment. Keep in mind to read the list of chemicals it contains to avoid allergic reactions.

Let us know about your experience and point of view about A and D ointments for tattoos in the comment box below.

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