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10 Best Christian Movies of All Time

Making movies based on religion is a risky decision because these movies have an impact on your thoughts. Therefore, production houses always try to make movies with positive messages. Religion-based movies are released in the world, and most watched are Christian movies.

Christian movies revolve around the birth and life of Jesus Christ.  Jesus sacrificed himself to make the world a better place.

These movies also have a soothing soundtrack that praises the lord. So, we made a list of the 10 best Christian movies so fans can enjoy these incredible movies.

10 Best Christian Movies

1. The Passion of the Christ

This movie was released in 2004 and depicts the final hours of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It was on the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem.

Mel Gibson is the director and stars Jim Caviezel, Maia Morgenstern, and Monica. Bellucci are included. Interestingly, this movie is included in the highest-grossed Christian film.

2. The Hiding Place

The second most popular Christian movie is The Hiding Place. It is the story of a Dutch family during World War II.

The family is sent to a concentration camp where their Christian faith helps them to endure the hardships.

3. I Can Only Imagine

The third on our list is the story of Bart Millard, the leading singer of the Christian band MercyMe.

He overcomes personal and professional struggles like an abusive father and then produces a song that made the selling Christian single of all time.

In the United States, the movie also stands as the first-highest-grossing music biopic.

4. Son of God

Son of God is an adaptation movie of the 10-hour mini-series ‘The Bible. The story follows the gospel through the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

It is all about the last living disciple of Christ, who lives out the rest of his days in exile. The movie was released in 2014 and starts when Jesus arrives in Galilee to begin preaching.

5. God’s Not Dead

This movie begins when staunch atheist professor Radisson challenges unwavering Christian college student Josh Wheaton. He does this when the freshman refuses to submit a statement saying, ‘God is Dead.’

6. Billy: The Early Years

Robby Benson made an amazing Christian movie about Billy Graham. Most probably, everyone knows who he is and how he got there as the life of an American Evangelist.

7. Luther

Luther describes the story during the early sixteenth century, when an idealistic German monk, Martin Luther, was disgusted by the materialism in the Catholic Church. The dialogue that led to the Protestant Reformation begins.

8. Jerusalem Countdown

The story shows how nuclear weapons are smuggled into America. F.B.I. agent Shane Daughtry faced an impossible task to find them before they were detonated.

People who can help are washed-up arms dealers like Israeli Mossad Agents and C.I.A. Deputy Director.

9. Heaven is for real.

It is one of the best-selling Christian movies based on a true story. Pastor Todd Burpo’s son, Colton, said he visited Heaven and met Jesus while undergoing surgery.

After that, his son spoke of people and events he never knew about, including his miscarried sister and his great-grandfather, who died before his birth.

10. Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven’s Christian is the true story of Christy Beam and her daughter, ANNA. She was diagnosed with a stomach illness and struggled with it for years. Meanwhile, Anna found herself with no medical explanation following an accident that left her unscathed.

There are many Christian movies, but we provide a list of the 10 best Christian movies. These provide a good safe and entertainment to fans; you will enjoy these.

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