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20 Perfect Rizz Puns and Jokes

Perfect Rizz Puns and Jokes

Rizz is a new slang which refers to charisma. It is basically the attraction that one effortlessly owns. Rizz is the ability of a man to attract a woman without even trying.

Rizz Jokes and Puns

Perfect Rizz Puns and Jokes

These days, people are made over Rizz jokes and puns. It is high time that you familiar yourself with these jokes to attract the one you desire for.

  1. Here are some Rizz jokes and Puns for you;

6 Catchy Rizz Jokes

Here are some rizz jokes that will make you center of attraction for sure;

  1. Are you a Wi-Fi? I have felt a connection ever since we met.
  2. Are you summer? Because you’re hot 24/7
  3. It feels like you’re a magician. Because whenever I see you, everything else starts to disappear quickly.
  4. Are you a ventilator? Because without you I can die.
  5. Although you have no pen or paper. Still, you draw my attention.
  6. I don’t need to use google search anymore. As I found you, my search is over. I have to follow you. It’s because I love to follow my dreams.

8 Attention seeking Rizz Puns

Do you want to get someone’s attention? Here are some good ideas for you;

  1. Are you made of grapes? You’re as fine as any expensive wine.
  2. I would need a map. I am lost in your eyes.
  3. Damn, you’re so hot. Are you sun?
  4. You look tired. Can I hold you for you?
  5. I guess your name is Netflix. I can binge watch you the whole day.
  6. Are you a girl or a dictionary? You have just added beautiful meaning to my lame life.
  7. Is it hot today? Or is it just your presence?
  8. Some people dream of fame; I dream of a life with you.

5 Best Pick Up Lines with Heavy Rizz

These are some good and rizz including pick up lines for you to impress your dream girl;

  1. I just saw your future. It is me making dinners for you.
  2. Your smile is fire. I want to burn with it.
  3. Don’t you think your driving license should be suspended? You’re driving me crazy.
  4. Hey! I think my phone is not working correctly. I mean how it can be if it doesn’t have your number in it? Huh?
  5. I hope you believe in love at first sight. If you do not believe, I can walk by again.

These were some Rizz Puns and Jokes. Drop your favorite Rizz Joke in the comment section below.

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